Weiti masterplan
860ha of land.



Weiti was formerly a large pine forest on the coastline at the edge of New Zealand’s largest city Auckland. Over a number of years, this unique 2,125 acre (860 hectare) property has been transformed into a sustainable, residential conservation project with a small percentage of residential property now available for purchase. Weiti is bigger than most Auckland suburbs and is approximately the same size as Devonport and Bayswater put together.

The development is a multi-zone high-quality product comprising two main residential areas – Weiti Bay and the Weiti Villages. The Weiti masterplan has been carefully built over many years to preserve the quality of development, care for the environment and enhance long term value for residents, surrounding neighbours and environments. The Weiti Villages will contain a higher density township further inland from the coast with smaller house sites in a variety of house types and price ranges.

Outside of the residential areas, there will be over 1,235 acres (500 hectares) of green open spaces dedicated to native planting, forest re-generation, farming, walking tracks, informal recreation, leisure sport and shared community spaces.

Below you will find a visual masterplan of Weiti from the entrance to beachfront. Take note of the vast amount of green space, facilities, walking tracks, planting areas, DOC reserve, and housing developments.


  • Weiti is 860ha (2,125 acres) of land, bigger than Devonport and Bayswater put together
  • 25kms north of Auckland CBD
  • 30mins from Auckland CBD
  • Over 70% to be protected as green open space
  • Over 500ha (1,235 acres) – 3 times the size of Cornwall Park (170ha) – dedicated to conservation planting, forest re-generation, farming, walking tracks, informal recreation, leisure sport and shared community spaces
  • A target to plant over 2.0 million trees
  • 120ha of native planting, 49ha of which to enhance existing significant natural areas
  • 200-year-old native forest and Kauri trees
  • 41ha (100 acres) of public parks open to the public via reserve land including Stillwater Reserve land, Karepiro Bay walkway extension land, Dacre Cottage Reserve extension land, and Haigh’s Access Road public park (25ha)
  • 20ha (50 acres) of public education & conservation facilities, with surrounding gardens
  • Creation of 12km of new public walkways around and within Weiti, with 4 public walkway rest areas, 3 sets of public walkway toilets (12 in total), and 1 public lookout tower
  • 20ha (50 acres) of Mountain Bike Park
  • 5km of newly built access road (Ara Weiti Road) to new public car park (with 50 parks) at entrance of Weiti Bay with new public walkway through native bush to Karepiro Bay